COVID-19 Update

Thank you for your understanding as we work with the various providers, through refunding, cancelling, or deferring your travel due to COVID-19.  Escorted Gap Year, trading under Angas Travel, is in a strong position to manage through this crisis and is working positively towards our 1st & 2nd January departures for London.  Although our Information Evenings are cancelled, please contact us for Expressions of Interest.



Escorted Gap Year provides expert travel advice and escorted travel to see students safely overseas, giving them freedom and independence, with parental peace of mind.

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What an adventure and lovely knowing that they are in good hands for the trip over and in London.
Thanks again.

Schaan Cohen

parent of gap year student, 2019

It was comforting to see friendly faces from Angas Travel at Sydney Airport. Well done Jackie for getting them there safe and sound.

Margaret Palisi

parent of gap year student, 2019

Thank you for all the reassurance you have provided thus far. We also wanted to thank you most sincerely for organising the birthday cake for our daughter who turned 18 on the flight. It was very special and a total surprise for her to see the flight attendants approaching with a cake and ‘gifts’ (playing cards)! That was a very nice touch and very much appreciated by her and us.

Celia and Lachlan Sheldon

parents of gap year student, 2019


In 2018 Angas Travel united its overseas school tours expertise with Roz, founder of Escorted Gap Year, to personally escort school leavers on their gap year abroad. Drawing on Roz’s experience over the past 15 years, Escorted Gap Year has developed a program that offers all the travel services required to ensure “the gappies” first independent introduction to the UK and Ireland goes smoothly – as well as giving parents the reassurance that their child is well looked after and arrives safely. Roz continues her role as Manager NSW and we are grateful for her continued assistance and collaboration.

By Their Side on Escorted Outbound Flights

For young Australians leaving school, taking a gap year abroad is a rite of passage and an opportunity to broaden their horizons. But, their first solo steps overseas can often feel like a giant leap into the unknown world. That’s why getting off on the right foot is vital. With our friendly guidance, we’re there too so that your child won’t trip at the initial tricky stuff!

From planning the trip to the moment their flight takes off, our experienced escort will be alongside throughout the beginning of their journey. Seamlessly guiding the group through changing time zones, transits and Heathrow Immigration, until they are settled in with a camera roll full of selfies with Big Ben.

Getting the Visa right, the first time

With different requirements for both London and Ireland, it can be daunting to know exactly what your child will need to ensure permission to enter the country of their choice. At Escorted Gap Year, we know Visa requirements, it’s our business too. We will advise the requirements necessary and guide you to apply in a timely manner. For instance, a UK Immigration grant a Youth Mobility Tier 5 Visa allows for those over 18 years to live and work in the UK for up to two years with no restriction to leaving the country as many times as they wish within this period. For your peace of mind, we begin the process up to four months prior to their departure date. If your child does not have an Australian passport with six months’ validity beyond the return date, or is not an Australian citizen, please get in touch well in advance of their intended travel.

Insure the Experience of a Lifetime

Every epic journey needs an insurance policy for obvious reasons. In the event of theft, illness or an accident, it doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world. We understand that organising this side of travel can be complicated, which is why we’ll sort it all out for you. Escorted Gap Year use SureSave Insurance who have a long standing relationship with our Gap Year Program to deliver premium customisable cover, with invaluable 24/7 contact. So, if your child, bless them, has an emergency, or simply a question – help and reassurance is just a phone call away.

Their second point of call is the team at Escorted Gap Year. We never switch our mobiles off and are always available for calls or texts in case of emergencies.

Make the most of Summer Break

From mid-July to mid-September, UK and Ireland has our equivalent Summer School Holidays. This is when your child has an opportunity to hit an envious bucket list of European countries and must-see, must-do activities arranged and guided by Topdeck. Providing trips for the young traveller market for over 40 years, Topdeck provides various tours throughout Europe appealing to the young spirit of our gap year travellers aged between 17 and 20 years. Escorted Gap Year has booking rights and access to all available European tours and can book and manage this with no extra worry.

All Escorted Gap Year Topdeck direct bookings receive 2 BONUS nights, one pre & one post tour, in the centre of London (for a very early departure from London & after a very late arrival back to the city.)

Invite Your Mates

Want your best mates, not gapping, to join in a Summer vacation like no other? Escorted Gap Year will happily make this happen. We can arrange the travel details and Topdeck booking for any friend of gap year travellers, between the ages of 17 to 20 years, ensuring they are on the same booking number as their friends to ensure they all travel together.

Gap Year Referrals

Escorted Gap Year suggests first contacting the School Careers Advisor for support and guidance on how to secure a gap year placement.
We are also pleased to pass on contact information to several organisations who assist in helping secure quality placements in both the UK and Ireland.


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