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This website is owned and operated by Escorted Gap Year Travel trading as Angas Travel Pty Ltd ABN 22 147 568 116, Licence no. TTA238641 and will be referred to as “we”, “our” and “us” in this Booking Terms and Conditions Policy.

By visiting the office of Escorted Gap Year in person, or accessing and using the Escorted Gap Year website you are accepting the following booking terms and conditions.

Please read these carefully as they comprise the contractual terms and conditions of Escorted Gap Year travel services, if you have any queries you can contact our office at egy@angastravel.com.au or through the contact information posted below.

Travel Documents

Travel documents are subject to the travel service provider’s Terms and Conditions as at the date of issue.

It is your responsibility to check all travel documents and discuss with your Escorted Gap Year travel consultant any variations that may be required.  In addition:

  1. Collect all travel documents issued by Escorted Gap Year from Escorted Gap Year or arrange for them to be delivered to you in which case a delivery charge may apply;
  2. Check that the airline tickets issued are in the correct name as appears on the passenger’s passport;
  3. Effect travel insurance;
  4. Advise Escorted Gap Year immediately of any required changes to, or cancellation of, any travel document.
  5. Air tickets will not be issued until a valid passport copy has been received.
  6. Check that you have all the necessary visas and re-entry permits.  Escorted Gap Year will provide you general information on visa and passport requirements. Having the correct documents for your journey remains your responsibility.
  7. Check that you have all necessary health certificates and vaccinations relevant to your travels. In some cases, failure to present required vaccination documentation (e.g. Yellow Fever vaccination) may deny you entry into a country. General health advice for the destination you wish to visit is available from DFAT at www.dfat.gov.au or www.smarttraveller.gov.au

Passports and Visas

Please supply a copy of your passport to your Escorted Gap Year Travel Consultant as early as possible in the booking process. You may prefer to wait to have a longer validity, however, the passport will be needed around mid-September for the UK visa application.

You will be denied boarding international flights and cruises if your passport is not valid or if you don’t have the applicable visas to depart and re-enter Australia or other overseas territories applicable to your trip. It is also important that your reservations are made under the same name as that of your valid passport. Fees apply with most travel service providers for name changes.

Passport, visa and vaccination requirements are your responsibility and Escorted Gap Year is not liable for any loss or expense due to your failure to comply with the requirements of countries visited or transited.

You will find helpful information on applying for or renewing an Australian passport at www.passports.gov.au

Travel Insurance

Escorted Gap Year highly recommends that you have an appropriate cover of Travel Insurance every time you travel. Should you not purchase Travel Insurance through this agency, you will be required to sign a disclaimer.  Please ask your Escorted Gap Year consultant to provide a quote for the negotiated policy with nib Travel Insurance.

Travel Advice

The Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade regularly updates travel advice on various destinations. Escorted Gap Year recommends that you refer to www.smartraveller.gov.au for the latest updates before you travel.

Other useful links to assist you to make the right travel choices are:


  • Please ensure you:
    • you read the Security Guide for Carry-On Baggage at every airport visited;
    • your check in luggage is tagged at the airport by the airline; please also add a Singapore Airlines luggage tag; and
    • take advantage of the Escorted Gap Year Bag Tag for your hand luggage – remember to register your details!

Special Requests

Special assistance and dietary requirements can be arranged, where possible, provided Escorted Gap Year has advice at least 72 hours before you travel. It is your responsibility to advise your travel consultant well in advance of any specific requirements.

Health and Vaccinations

Health alerts are issued by many countries. Always consult your local doctor or travel medical service to obtain up-to-date medical advice for the countries you plan to visit.  It is also worth visiting the Department of Health for general health advice.

Find out more here.


Escorted Gap Year charge a booking deposit, per person, and this is non-refundable if you should cancel. Additional deposits may be required by Travel Suppliers and Airlines as per their Terms and Conditions.


Escorted Gap Year accepts Cash, Cheque, Credit Card and Electronic Funds Transfers for all purchases. Cheque clearance is required prior to the issue or confirmation of Travel Documents. Credit Card payments will incur merchant fees.


Escorted Gap Year collects taxes on behalf of various airports, airlines, cruise companies and governments.  These are subject to the rate of currency exchange at the time of issue.


In the event of your voluntary cancellation after your full payment is received, 10% of your booking value is forfeited as a cancellation fee, plus any additional fees charged by Tour Operators and Airlines subject to their booking conditions. It is important to note that many economy class airfares are non-refundable. Travel insurance is highly recommended to protect against involuntary cancellation – please refer to the PDS statement of your insurance and specifically the exclusions.


All travel products are subject to the travel product provider’s terms and conditions including terms of refund.   Please note that Escorted Gap Year fees are non-refundable.

In addition to Escorted Gap Year charges, travel service providers charge fees for any changes made by you to the travel product purchased, or for you choosing to cancel. Travel insurance is highly recommended in the event of involuntary cancellation. **

If you are eligible for a refund once a booking has been cancelled, the balance less any non-refundable deposits and cancellation fees will be forwarded to you upon receipt of the refund from the travel supplier or airline. Some refunds take upwards of 10 weeks to process. Please refer to the Escorted Gap Year schedule of fees at the end of this page. Insurance will provide cover for involuntary cancellation.

Validity of Prices and Information

Escorted Gap Year strives to ensure that all information available on our website is accurate; however, the prices and information on the Escorted Gap Year website are supplied by Third Parties and are subject to availability and conditions and are subject to change without notice.


Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy (view here) governs the manner in which we collect, use, maintain and discloses information collected from users. This privacy policy applies to the website and all products and services offered by Escorted Gap Year and associated businesses.


Escorted Gap Year trading under Angas Travel Pty Ltd sells travel products provided by travel product providers and in doing so Escorted Gap Year acts as the agent of those travel product providers and may receive a commission from them for selling their travel products to you. As the agent for the travel product provider Escorted Gap Year incurs no liability on the transaction entered into between you and the travel product provider. Accordingly, your legal recourse (if any) is against the actual travel product provider and not Escorted Gap Year. Therefore, if for any reason, any travel product provider does not provide you with the travel product that you contracted with them to receive, then your remedy lies against that travel product provider and not with Escorted Gap Year.

Escorted Gap Year, as your travel agent, provides certain services to you such as arranging your relevant travel requirements, with your authority and on your behalf including ticketing, issuing of vouchers, receipts and booking accommodation for you.


Escorted Gap Year gives notice that all tickets and coupons issued by them and all arrangements for transport or conveyance or hotel accommodation are made by them as Agents upon the express condition that they shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of any defect in any vehicle or through the acts or defaults of any company or person engaged in conveying the passenger or in carrying out the arrangements of the tour (s), or otherwise in connection therewith, or of any hotel proprietor or servant. Such conveying is subject to the laws of the country where the conveyance, etc., is provided.  All coupons, receipts and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the suppliers.  Baggage is entirely at “owner’s risk” unless insured.  The legal owners of the Registered Business Name accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to the delays or change to flight, train, steamer, or other services, to weather, strikes, war, quarantine, or other causes. All such losses or expenses will have to be borne by the passenger.


Escorted Gap Year, and its associated companies or servants, is not liable for any act or omission in relation to any contract, air booking, ground arrangements, or excursion operated by individual airlines or other service providers and are not liable for any loss (direct or indirect) or consequential delay, injury, damage, death, inconvenience or additional expenses or any other event beyond its control, including ‘force majeures’.

Customer Service

Escorted Gap Year looks to resolve issues quickly and fairly. Enquiries and correspondence should be addressed to The Manager, Escorted Gap Year, 10/154 Fullarton Road, Rose Park, Adelaide, 5067 or emailed to egy@angastravel.com.au

Any complaint should be put in writing to Escorted Gap Year as soon as possible and will be thoroughly investigated. Any complaint or claim received 30 days after the end of your journey may not be considered.

For more information, please ask your Escorted Gap Year Travel Consultant.

We thank you for your patronage and look forward to being of service.

Schedule of Fees – May 2024

Escorted Gap Year trading under Angas Travel Pty Ltd is a member of AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents); ATAS (AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme) and IATA (International Air Transport Association – self-ticketing).

**   Please refer to the full terms on the nib travel insurance PDS statement.


Required Deposits:
  •  Deposit (non-refundable)
    $300 per person
  • Recommend travel insurance is taken at this time. Please ask us for a quote
    31st October, 2024
Final Payments
  •      Final balance
     Due 13th September 2024
Cancellation Fees:
  •       Initial Deposit
  •       When air ticket has been paid in full
     Any cancellation/amendment fees are subject to the airline’s discretion
  •       Minimum cancellation fee on tours
     Deposit paid & depending on time of cancellation can be up to full monies paid.
Credit Card Surcharges:      Mastercard:  1.2% | Visa: 1.4% | American Express: 1.8% |  International Cards: 3.0%